Join the data monetization business
99% of apps fail, usually because app developers are not able to consistently generate revenue. We answer this problem by monetizing the data already being generated every time your app is used. Mofiler’s many perks include:
Easy to Integrate
Privacy Compliant
Constant Revenue Stream
Actionable Insights
Watch how it works
Competitive Advantage
Mofiler is the first data marketplace for app developers. We’re changing the way data is collected, accessed and applied.
Data Science as a Service
Our profiling and insigthing technology calculates your users interests and preferences and our SDK provides you with those insights. Adapt and personalize your app to improve your user experience.
Data Monetization
Create a new and recurring revenue stream from your users with no additional advertising. Easy SDK integration with no impact on user experience and without compromising user’s private information.
Mofiler is all about transparency and that’s why our SDKs are all open-source. You have access to every line of code inserted into your app, so you see exactly what data the SDK is collecting and where we send it.
SDK Integration
All the mofi SDKs are open source and available for the community to review, analyze and improve.
Currently supported platforms: