Data-Driven revolution
Mofiler gives agencies, brands and marketers easy access to the kind of relevant and meaningful data that was once available only to tech giants like Google and Facebook. This empowers companies and individual data buyers to:
Reach new audiences
Improve campaigns performance
Collect and interpret fresh data
Identify and monitor new trends
Analyze target markets
Maintain a culture of innovation
Gain valuable insights into consumer's behavior
Watch how it works
Choose the data pack that best suit your business
Data Feed
Insights-ready data
Providing data buyers with a daily stream of raw data to augment datasets or user behavior analysis and research. With geospatial data you can understand the physical world and extract insights to empower your business efforts, such as marketing actions or retail store decisions.
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Data Science as a Service
From Raw Data to Actionable Insights
Delivering deep and tailored understanding of consumer's behavior, giving customers the power to access, analyze, and optimize data models through professional services and tools.
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Insights as a Service
Self-Service Platform
Access to the Insights Dashboard to analyze unprecedented user knowledge, such as consumer behavior and trends. Based on the data generated by thousands of third party apps crossed with your first party users, that meaningful data can be transformed into actionable insights such as reachable audiences.
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Audience Marketplace
Reachable Audiences
Generating cohorts and reachable audiences to run effective digital ad campaigns, with a self-serve tool to build custom segments and lookalikes to activate in across 50+ media partners.
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