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Performance & Attributions: "If you can't measure it, you can't change it."

Companies allocate incredible amounts of money to marketing campaigns. Unlike what happens with digital advertising, OOH campaigns are hard to audit. Our customers use the platform to correlate their audience behavior and analyze the conversion attribution.

That way, they can understand the performance of their campaigns regardless of the platform they used to plan it and the media provider. Furthermore, the granularity of the details allows them to make decisions to improve future results.

Our customers are also using the platform to measure the effectiveness of digital campaigns with IRL calls to action. For instance, analyze how many visits to a physical store happened after watching a digital advertisement.

Use Case

Data Enrichment: Fill the gaps. Effortlessly.

The amount of data historically recorded since the dawn of humanity until 2002 is the same than we are capable of generating, recording, and transferring every week (since then.) However, we can't automatically translate all that information into value. We need to normalize it, complete missing pieces, and take care of other quality aspects before getting insights.

Our customers are using the platform to achieve these goals.

Supply: We can combine a broad set of data sources to complete empty spots.

Infer: Our AI techniques can accurately infer missing information and estimate the certainty of the result.

Filter: Sets usually have outliers that drag insights close to incorrect interpretations. Our ML technology is ideal for discovering patterns and singularities by different methods (which can also be configured by knowledgeable users.)

Use Case

Competitive Benchmarking: Thriving at something starts by being the best version of ourselves.

Data is great. Thanks to it, we can make educated decisions, saving us time and money. However, isolated data often falls short or drives us to rushed and biased conclusions.

Consider you have achieved 100 potential buyers to visit your store every hour. Are you able to determine the success metrics for your business? What if your closest competitor reached 200? What if you were at 20 last week?

Our customers use the platform to compare data points and generate a context for their insights. This way, information becomes meaningful. With these capabilities, our customers can also dig deeper and understand the critical points for success: Is it a location? Is it related to a particular attribute? Are seasonability patterns?

By combining assumptions with simulation and planning capabilities, the platform sets you up for quick turnarounds.

Use Case

Media Planning: Maximizing the efficiency of OOH campaigns

Out-of-home campaigns have a tremendous reach. Thousands of people can see your product and be aware of your brand. But how do we know we are reaching the correct audience? How do we maximize the performance of our campaigns while taking care of the budget? Can we integrate digital advertising to improve our calls to action?

Our customers use the platform to understand their intended audience behavior and reach this with a tailored experience. Planning capabilities allow them to discover the best locations and circuits for every scenario.

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